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Buddha-themed products

Since then, Buddist statues have been enchanting people everywhere - including the Mashroba designer.

Our goal is to promote playful Buddhist symbolism around the world using vivid and powerful colors, providing fun and comfort to those everywhere.


【BUTSUSHITA JAKI SOCKS~ powerful socks to rid oneself of demons~】
Our first item is Jaki socks.
The character on these socks is Jaki. A Jaki is a demon-like creature often stepped on by Shitenno, the Four Heavenly Kings.
By wearing these socks, you can feel the power to get rid of demons, or sometimes observe them as they float about, or be surprised by them when you take off your shoes.
These funny socks brighten your daily life.

【BUTSUSHITA KONGO RIKISHI AUM SOCKS ~socks for physical strength~】
KONGO RIKISHI AUM SOCKS features two Nios: Agyo on the left and Ungyo on the right.
Kongo Rikishi (Nio) are two protectors standing still today at the entrance of many Buddhist temples. As you can see from their muscular body and legs, they are known as deities of health and fortitude.
The socks will you to be a good walker. Probably.

【BUTSUSHITA OFUDO SOCKS~ powerful socks to get rid of ugly desires~】
BUTSUSHITA OFUDO SOCKS feature Fudo Myo-o at the ankle and flames at rear.
Fudo Myo-o is colloquially called “Ofudo-san” and is popular across a wide range of generations. Mashroba adopted this god so that our plucky fashionistas can feel his existence and support closely.



Buddha image illustration

Mashlova also accepts the creation of original Buddha image illustrations. We also accept collaboration product planning with our original characters.

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