powerful socks to get rid of ugly desires~

Fudo Myo-o is a popular protective god of Buddhist mythology in Japan.

BUTSUSHITA OFUDO SOCKS feature Fudo Myo-o at the ankle and flames at rear.Fudo Myo-o is colloquially called “Ofudo-san” and is popular across a wide range of generations. Mashroba adopted this god so that our plucky fashionistas can feel his existence and support closely.

[About Fudo Myo-o] Fudo Myo-o is another incarnation of Dainichinyorai, a cosmic Buddha in Shingon Buddhism. His ferocious face frightens away ugly desires and indecision to ensure our salvation.

The terrifying appearance of OFUDO-san exists for the protection of the people. He is compassionate and supportive, and his menacing power guides us along the correct path.

He cuts through all delusions and disasters with a sword in his right hand, tying up evil creatures with a rope in his left hand, all the while catching and leading believers toward enlightenment. There is a halo of flames behind him, which is also a symbol of purification.

[Power of Fudo Myo-o] Brings luck and wards off calamities, gets rid of devils, protects against misfortune and natural disasters, and fulfills wishes in this world.

His fierce faced appearance is a little scary, so we designed a child-like rounded cute form.

Bouclé yarn is used for the hair part to change texture.The design of flames behind him is Karuraen (Karura flame).

[Karura and Karuraen] A supernatural bird mentioned in Buddhist scriptures. The origin is a Hindu divine creature, Garuda. Karura breathes fire and eats evil dragons.Essentially, Karura is thought to eat the evil passions of people and purify us.The shape of flames behind Fudo-Myo-o are said to resemble the outstretched wings of the Karura bird, or be expelled from the mouth of Karura.

Flames are also arranged along the side of the foot from front to back, a design inspired by the Fire Walking Ceremony performed by the Shingon Buddhist sect.In the ceremony, Buddhist monks walk barefoot across burning red coals, a symbol of the purification flame from Fudo-myo-o, chanting a prayer for good health and fortune.

The socks boost your mood as if you were partaking in this ceremony. Sandals work best so you can see flames.

Go away evil passion! Bring good fortune!

* Due to the characteristic of this product, colored threads may be visible in the white portion.

We developed these items with a socks manufacturer in Nara prefecture.

At the socks factory

Nara is known as the largest socks producing region in Japan.Imanishi Socks Co., Ltd. is located in Takada city where many local manufacturers thrive.

We were happy to work with this renowned, highly skilled socks company. Although the concept is very unique and the products are niche, the president of Imanishi Socks graciously accepted our production order.

Thanks to their excellent skill and quality, we are able to offer Buddha themed socks.

It is our honor to create a one of a kind product with a local manufacturer in Nara, the same place where we can see the largest collection of Buddhist statues in Japan.

We hope our Butsushita socks’ popularity spreads around the world.

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